Invest in start-ups with long-term development of products in Japan and Taiwan, and the main products are to reinvent the manufacturing of clothing, food, housing, transportation and Manufacturing products based on daily life.

Our desire is to establish a connection between food, clothing, people's lives,
but also with transportation and manufacturing.
  • Clothing

    By wearing clothes that release natural energy every day, users can stay healthy.

  • Food

    Investment in food and beverage import and export.

  • Housing

    From production to sales of home furniture, plant equipment and custom-made accessories that meet the needs of users, we meet the needs of customers

  • Transportation

    Focus on the design, production and sales of bicycles, motorcycles, camping equipment related products.

  • Industry

    Invest in equipment facilities in the Philippines and Southeast Asian countries, focusing on car body parts/sheet metal production and mold development.


K&S Tradinge

K&S Trading

K&S has 100% equity in the start-up company.
Main business direction is the agency, sales, import and export of domestic and foreign start-up products.


K&S 100% owned subsidiary, Giker has owned brand [HU+CK], designs and produces patented products which have high recognition and evaluation in Taiwan's motorcycle and bicycle industries.
[HU+CK] products are the best-selling in Taiwan's motorcycles and bicycles markets. The market is also expanded to United States, Europe and Southeast Asian countries.
FTT Technologies Philippine

FTT Technologies Philippine

K&S is experienced in sheet metal/mold manufacturing to invest the Philippine subsidiary for improving productivity and production quality.
K&S also provides completed sales and after-sales service in Philippine market.
Muscle Car GT

Muscle Car GT

K&S manufactures and sales various of nostlagic cars, with experience in the manufacture of Ford Mustang in the United States, Nissan Skyline/ 240Z &Toyota AE86 in Japan, and BENZ, BMW, VW in Europe.
K&S also has overseas locations for nostlagic car sheet gold, and plan to involve in Electric vehicle industry.


K&S's first franchised in catering industry. Qburger is the mainstream of brunch which provides healthy meals for modern people.


Wearing out health and improving mobility are the core ideas of Relive. Japan's best-selling energy clothing can increase strength and body flexibility, so that everyone can maintain good health and prolong healthy life. In particular, nurses, porters/truckers, the elderly/elderly, and athletes are most in demand.

Pet Village

"Zero culling" as the goal, established in Iwate Prefecture, Japan. Each year has too mach cats and dogs are euthanized,and adoption agencies have been established so that they can have a new home and not be culled.Opened on March 11, 2014, this non-profit cat and dog shelter has the world's largest site (nine times the size of Tokyo Dome), with the aim of creating a village where pets and people can coexist.
(1) Adopt with caution (2) Do not abandon (3) Do not breed at will
Mainly in the enlightenment of these three things, change people's consciousness at the same time, if still carried out, for cats and dogs, if there is an "emergency shelter", a place where life can be received, it is very important.
The facilities are still to be improved, but our goal is to become one of the largest "pet meccas" in the world.

358 project

Emerald Club is the largest women-run organization in Japan, founder is Tomomi Sugahara. Embarked on a new business challenge, she founded 358 Porject Co., Ltd. and produced the Witch in perfume movie, which has been released in Japan on June 16, 2023.
We convey the power of "fragrance" and support women who are active in society.

Tomomi Sugahara wants to create the No. 1 Japan brand perfume made and sold in Japan, and has already started selling 358 series of perfumes. "Witch in perfume" series born from the movie, preemptively released these six new products
- Imagining the Heart of the Other Party
- Unlimited Power
- Love is Learning
- Creating Legends
- More Important than Immediate Profit Future Property
- Crisis is a Turning Point
Specialized in the fragrance business group, and began to expand fragrance peripheral products.
Sheet Metal

Philippines Sheet Metal Factory

PSMF is a manufacturing company specializing in sheet metal processing plants that are expected to commence operations in 2025.

Address:8F.,No.558, Zhongyuan Rd, Xinzhuang District, New Taipei City, TAIWAN